Surface pattern design.

Within my illustration practice, no matter where I explore or how I get there, I always seem to come back to creating patterns. There’s a simple and satisfying beauty in a well crafted repeat or unique motifs. I love making things that people can use and fall in love with for years to come, and creating patterns for fabric or other surfaces is a great example of this.

Below you can find a collection of patterns I have worked on, some of which are available through Spoonflower.

If you are interested in licensing or commissioning some surface pattern design, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, where we can discuss your needs!

No Issue April 2021 - Thumbnail
Sunset Mountains - Thumbnail
Weather Collection - Thumbnail
Weather 1 - Thumbnail
Weather 2 - Thumbnail
Weather 3 - Thumbnail
Snake Jungle Set - Thumbnail
Snake Jungle 1 - Thumbnail
Snake Jungle 2 - Thumbnail
Snake Jungle 3 - Thumbnail
Snake Jungle 6 - Thumbnail
Snake Jungle 5 - Thumbnail
Snake Jungle 4 - Thumbnail
Pears - Thumbnail
Pomegranate - Thumbnail
Eclectic Ocean - Thumbnail
Country Kitchen 2 - Thumbnail
Country Kitchen 1 - Thumbnail
Seashells - Thumbnail
Lemons - Thumbnail
Tropical Leaves - Thumbnail