Next Generation Vol. 7

This t-shirt design for Paramore is inspired by a couple of photoshoots used to promote their fifth studio album, After Laughter. After Laughter helped me through a tough year of my life, and remains one of my absolute favourite albums to this day.

The sound of the album is upbeat, vibrant and took a lot of inspiration from the music of the 80s. The themes and lyrics however deal with the realities of life, mental illness, relationships and acceptance. This album saw the reunion of Hayley and Taylor with ex-bandmate Zac, whose return brought a clear direction to the album and meant that they could finish it. This design is about friendship and unity.

I often find band merchandise to be unimaginative (a member’s face or their logo on a blank shirt), and much prefer creative approaches to a band’s themes, values or simply interesting responses to their lyrics. Therefore, I decided to create a design that I would be implored to purchase, on garments that seem to fit well with it.


Paramore - Design
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Paramore - Inspiration