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Hotel Anthology

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Hotel Anthology

Collaborative Project

A collaborative zine lead by fellow illustrator Nathan Hill, who studied with me at the University of Worcester. This zine consists of short stories all based around the theme of an eclectic hotel. I was asked to create four pages of newspaper-style adverts for those who visit the hotel.

Digital artwork.

To purchase a copy of the zine, either get in touch or order one from the shop.

Hotel Anthology - Header
Hotel Anthology 1.1
Hotel Anthology 2
Hotel Anthology 3
Hotel Anthology 4
Hotel Anthology 5

Other illustrators involved: Amanda Summers, Bethany Wheeler, Courtney Thomas, Dan Scarlett, Ermine Moth, Jack Devereaux, Kathryn Martin, Lauren Susman, Maxiu, Michael Lomon, Nathan Hill, Rosemarie Foad (above left spread) and Sammy Borras (above centre spread).

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